Dalena’s Confessions

No sugar, salt or pepper coating.

Must have.

These are must haves. You cannot not have them.

Might need.

Items you might just need. Check it out.

Just because.

Meh… I mean, why not.

  • Read about it.
  • Click on it.
  • Get it, simple.

Formal statement of admittance.

No sugar, salt or pepper coating.


Is when you have what you must have, consider what you might need and try another just because.

About Us

The one behind this page is a person bored enough to sit by a computer and assess items one by one in an attempt to determine whether you must have it, might need it or get it just because.

Don’t click, there is nothing more.

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Tell me anything, ask me anything, let’s talk.

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Dalena’s Confessions
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